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The purpose of this site is to promote my book Mighty Hammer Down which is yet to be published. Once published, this site will be a place where readers can go for information on the complex worlds in my books. You will find all sorts of facts on the characters, histories and nations on this site. Please take a few moments to look around.


    "A longstanding peace is about to be shattered by villains in the shadows of Medora. They conspire with distant nations to cripple the western empire and spread their venom eastward. In their secretive attempt, they stumble across the power to slay Arius, the god of war, and replace him with a human puppet. That mission fails however, and they not only pave the path for the gods to walk the earth, but create a god of war who is bent on their destruction. He clumsily learns to use his powers and hones them into a powerful weapon to wield against the Mages and their twisted vision of society. In the chaos, a great war begins and threatens all nations and cultures.

    Rommus and the unlikely heroine Alana Irith battle their way across the known world in an attempt to bring down the powers that threaten to forever extinguish peace and cover the world in permanent darkness."


This novel deals with complicated social, cultural and moral issues that most books do not address; especially fantasy novels. It is full of symbolism for modern events and beliefs, and riddled with facts relevant to our lives. While my personal beliefs might shine through, I made sure that any reader can enjoy the book and relate to any number of characters and their beliefs.

This novel is fantasy, and approximately 133,500 words.