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Rommus Tirinius

Rommus has come to the point in his life where he has no idea where to turn. He’s not afraid of dying, but he’s afraid of dying without accomplishing something. He looks to the future and sees the same darkness he sees in his past. Most people ignore him, either because they want nothing to do with him or he intimidates them. He is taller and stronger than most people, but not a giant man like his father.


Alana Irith

Alana is a flirtatious girl from Vindyrion. She is confident, intelligent and beautiful―and she uses those traits to her advantage. She is a strong person, but sometimes she overestimates herself. She meets Rommus on her first trip to Brinn, the capital of Medora.



Vohlhemoneer (or Vohl for short) is a strange man who claims that he is from beyond the southern wall. He is dressed in fine, closefitting clothes unlike the Medorans or Vindyri. His hair is dark and has an odd silver sheen that makes him stand out. He claims to possess items of magic, and even says he’s immortal.


Uritus Tecadelion

Uritus is the oldest son of the Emperor, and next in line to rule Medora. While he is preparing to rule the Empire when his father dies, he is also secretly planning to hand over the power to the Mages. It just so happens that Uritus is the Red Master Mage. Although some might consider the Mages evil, he feels that their ideals are what is best for mankind.


The Zidaoz

The Zidaoz has no name of his own and uses his title as a name. “Zidaoz” means “king” or “ruler” in Bhoor-Rahn. He is said to be immortal, although he knows it is not true. His fathers before him carefully cultivated that lie to more effectively rule the people. He has a limited knowledge of magic, but it comes at a price. The Bhoors are dedicated to spreading the word of their god Rohni, which is just their name for Oderion, the creator god.


Tannis Tirinius

Tannis is father of Rommus and Commanding General of the seven Medoran Legions. He just turned 50 years old, but his hair is still black as pitch, and he has no wrinkles to speak of, being that he is not a man to smile and crease his features. He is a full head taller than any ordinary man, and simply massive. He is a good man, even a happy man, but he is dedicated only to the protection of Medora and the freedom of the citizens. Unlike his son, he has a deep belief in the seven gods.


Piro Tecadelion

Piro is the Emperor of Medora, loved by all. He is older now, and his hair is mostly gray, but in his prime he fought great wars with Vindyrion and Bhoor-Rahn. He is a great speaker and tugs at the heartstrings of his people. He keeps Medora prosperous and safe, for that is the duty of the Emperor as he sees it.


Pirius Tecadelion

Pirius is the second son of the Emperor, and best friend of Rommus. He almost never has a serious conversation unless it is a serious conversation about women. His dimpled cheeks and carefree charm keep the ladies interested--although it might be his family fortune.


Mirra Odera

Mirra is the girlfriend of Rommus, but she is a shady character. He often catches her lying, but he does little to uncover the truth. In secret she is actually seeing Uritus, but she is too scared to hurt Rommus by telling him. She goes about living her life the way she is most comfortable, not worrying about what the next day brings.


Ehlom Nagelic

A smug artist popular in Medora. He is responsible for the many of the great frescoes in Medora. He is a wiry figure, and always angry at the world.



Denura is a strong man in a constant battle with his growing whiskers. He was once a soldier, but now he serves Uritus as one of his loyal Mages. He is given a very important task that might change the world forever.



Barchetto is a fat Nobleman in Medora. He is usually making snide comments and disagreeing with the nation's rule.


Commander Gredda

Battus Gredda is the Earth Legion Commander.


Commander Soterus

The Star Legion Commander.



Lohken is one of the strange men assisting the Zidaoz in the coming war. He resembles Vohl, and in fact they come from the same land.


Erratus Ridoria

The third Emperor of Medora. A secret lies buried with him.


The gods

Not much is known about the gods, and each nation has their own beliefs about them. The Bhoors do not believe in the seven gods, but only one of them. They call him Rohni instead of Oderion.


Oderion is the creator god who created the other gods and then mankind.



Terinopus is the god of life, and head of the three gods of light. His symbol is a pair of balances.



Inshae is the god of death and head of the gods of darkness. He is cloaked in tattered robes and has the face of a skull; though lacking a mouth. He speaks not to one's ears, but directly into one's mind.



Arius is the god of war. He has a golden sword named Archenarius, and red armor which can bring fears to life in its reflections. He is a god of light.



Maeris is the god of destruction, a god of darkness. His symbol is a hammer.



Tachion is the god of time, a god of light. His eyes glow like that of the sun, and his symbol is a star. Oderion used him to travel back in time before existence began, and then created the world of man.



Aedensor is the god of desire. He is a god of darkness and his symbols are a key and a mask.